Why Choose Select Studies?

Select Studies understands that relocation to a new country can be stressful. That is why we offer a range of student support services including

Student visa services

Travel and tourism services

Student counselling pre and post-departure

University placements

Advice and guidance

Student counselling service to ensure correct course and path is selected

Advice on English language requirements

Completion of Application process

Briefing and pre-departure counselling

VISA Services (Inc. Processing)

Representation of students to Australian Universities

In-country assistance and support

Translation Services to and from six languages

Arranging Health Insurance

Other Services
Select Studies is committed to ensuring that your educational experience in Australia is exceptional from the time you land to the time you graduate.
We offer a host of services including assisting with finding a new home in Australia to entertainment and exploration experiences. Our dedication to ensuring that your experience in Australia is memorable and has a positive impact on the rest of your life is paramount to our ability to provide you with an excellent service.
We can help you find interesting excursions and suggest opportunities for travel and meeting other people in your university city. Select Studies also provides advice on:

Migration services


Private tuition

Travel Services

Ticketing Services